Bed Bugz


Pest control company Rentokil reports a 70 per cent increase in cases in the past three years, They can be difficult to detect because more than half of us don't react to the first bite. Another 10 per cent never react at all. Many people take weeks or even months to notice, and by then they have an infestation on their hands. Contrary to popular opinion, bed bugs are not the result of poor domestic hygiene. If you have them, they probably hitched a lift in your luggage during your last holiday abroad. Hotels are a big source, as are cruise ships, hostels and even airline seats.

To help combat this, here at Charterbrae, we use only tubular metal bed frames, where bed bugs cannot infest and hibernate. However if you are worried about them already being present, we have another solution: our new two way stretch, stitch bond mattress covers offer a barrier to the bed bugs lying dormant within the mattress.

Yes, the cheap alternative PVC covers are another solution in combatting the problem of bed bugs, but they are highly uncomfortable and unpleasant to sleep on. This is the reason as to why we have developed a highly technical system derived from the care home industry that combines an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial barrier along with a 10% water vapour permeability, the material has a two-way stretch making them the best all round mattress for hostels and hotels alike!

Joy Chan