Army Barrack Beds, Fire Stations, Ships, Oil Rigs &
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MOD, Windsor, Warwick, Neptune, Titan, 3-tier bunk with or without truckle, folding bed, Piston Bed

All bunk beds can have ladders in the end bow or as standard



Folding and travel beds


Need to set up temporary camp or accommodate more personnel for a short period? Please see our range of folding beds.


Tough, long lasting value for money beds


We’ve been working with steel since the 1960s and we bring that to bear in the solid construction of our beds. We use single length angle steel or tube for the main frame of our beds ensuring strength and durability. Our beds are built to last so they’re excellent value for money and we guarantee every one of our beds for 5 years.


Quality British beds


At our Tipton, UK factory we design and construct the whole bed from cutting the steel to painting the finished product and delivering it in our own vehicles. We’re so convinced by the quality of our beds we’ll guarantee it! See our 5 year guarantee.


Safety Regulations


All of our beds are built to the latest British Standard Safety Regulations (where relevant) ensuring the safety of your students.


Guaranteed for 5 years


We believe in the quality of our product and as such we give a five year guarantee on all our beds.




As we control the production process and delivery using trusted transport partners we can control the delivery process.