Data Protection and
GDPR policy

In this policy of Charterbrae Ltd acknowledges and is complying to data protection act 1998 and GDPR 2018.

  • Data is processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner

  • Data is obtained for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes

  • Data processing is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary

  • Data is accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date

  • Data is not to be kept longer than is necessary for the purpose

  • Appropriate technical and organisational measures are in place to prevent unauthorised or unlawful processing, loss, damage or destruction

  • Supplier management, ensuring all appropriate security, organisational controls and governance processes meet the demands of our clients and of Charterbrae as it continues to grow

  • Development, ensuring we maintain our commitment to best practice and developing systems which meet recognised security standards and making sure we meet our commitment to privacy

  • Individuals rights, refining our approach to handling requests for data, or the handling of data, to meet the new demands of GDPR (including the right of subject access, cease processing requests and erasure of personal data)

  • Data retention, confirming data retention periods meet contractual, legal and organisations requirements

Employees in Charterbrae Ltd

It is our policy to:

  • Insure security of employees documents are locked in a file cabinet where HR Manager has the key.

  • Ensure that the documents are password protected and compressed on the company sever.

  • Employees documented personal information remains only in the office in the file cabinet locked.

  • Employees personal information is not given out to third party’s apart from Citation, Nest pension and accesses payroll.

  • Only employees information (meeting notes, job role, salary, date of birth and name) that is given out is to Citation HR and H&S for investigation notes and guidance on HR and H&S matters.

  • Accesses payroll where are employees personal information is password protected . The only office manager, payroll manager and Director of the company that have accesses are Payroll and Managing Director.

  • Office employees personal information are secure and locked in the MD office in the file cabinet where only the MD only has Access.

Customers contacts with Charterbrae Ltd

It is our policy to:

  • Insure that all information is secured and stored on access accounts where it is password protected.

  • Suppliers and customers information secured in accesses accounts

  • Only delivery address to be given out to the transport in which customer has given permission.

  • In special measures by customers, have given their consent to give out there phone number to ask for the delivery drive to call when near site.

  • Only office staff have access to accesses accounts are ( Accounts operative, purchaser operative, invoice operative, transport manager, office manager and Manging Director)

  • Emails from customers are kept on the user pc and security locked and password.

Annex A – Third-party processors

Key third-party processors

The following are our key third-party processors who will, during your employment, process your personal data.


We outsource our HR system to Citation who hold records on all our employees, which may include:

  • Name and address

  • Salary and hourly pay

  • conditions of employment

  • Performance

  • Disciplinary and grievance notes

  • Qualifications and training records

  • Date of birth

We outsource our Health and Safety management to Citation, who may hold records on the following:

  • Incidents involving our employees

  • Risk assessments relating to our employees

  • Training records

Citation’s systems use a secure cloud solution. Information on Citation’s security is available by contacting Mr Phillip Cook or Mr John Brain.

Nest Pension

  • Name and address

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • NI number

  • Date of birth

Access Payroll

  • Name and address

  • Email address

  • Salary and hourly pay

  • NI number

  • Bank details

  • Date of birth